Instrumentation and Control Engineering-Introduction

Instrumentation and Control Engineering play a vital role in any modern industry.The Instrumentation Technology, being an inter-disciplinary branch of engineering, is heading towards development of new & intelligent sensors, smart transducers. This discipline finds its origin in both electrical and electronics engineering, and it covers subjects related to electronics, electrical, mechanical, chemical and computing streams. In short, it deals with measurement, automation and control processes.

The Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering started in the year 1996. The department has established the laboratories namely Instrumentation & Process control lab, Analog and Digital Circuits Lab, and Computer Lab.Our department laboratory has fundamental instruments of control system and various electronic measurements like, voltage, current, bridge, demonstrative CRO,Transducers etc. Process Control laboratory has various Process control stations, PLC, etc. Students are given training in various software in department computer lab as per the syllabus requirement. our students work in core Instrumentation and allied industries and software companies and / or become successful entrepreneurs.