Board Examination


Board Examinations in all subjects of all the semesters under the scheme of examinations will be conducted at the end of each semester.


The internal assessment marks for all the subjects will be awarded on the basis of continuous internal assessment earned during the  semester  concerned.  For  each subject 25 marks are allotted for internal assessment and 75 marks are allotted for Board Examination.

 1.            Continuous Internal Assessment: 

A.  For Theory Subjects:

The Internal Assessment marks for a total of 25 marks, which are to be distributed as follows:


i)  Subject Attendance                                                                                     Marks

(Award of marks for subject attendance  to each subject Theory/Practical will be as per the range given below) 


-     83%




-     87%




-     91%




-     95%




-    100%



            ii)        Test                                                                                                                   10 Marks

2 Tests each of 2 hours duration for a total of 50 marks are to be conducted. Out of which the best one will be taken and themarks to be reduced to    5 marks                                            

The Test III is to be the Model test covering all the five units   5 marks        

    ii)  Assignment                                                                                                   10 Marks


For each subject Three Assignments are to be given each for 20 marks and the average marks scored should be reduced for 10 marks

All Test Papers and Assignment notebooks after getting the signature with date from the students must be kept in the safe custody in the Department for verification and audit. It should be preserved for 2 Semesters and produced to the flying squad and the inspection team at the time of inspection/verification.

B.   For Practical Subjects:


The  Internal  Assessment  mark    for  a total  of 25 marks  which are to be distributed as follows:-


a)            Attendance                                                      :     5     Marks (Award of marks same as theory subjects)

b)            Procedure/ observation and tabulation/

Other Practical related Work                           :   10    Marks

c)            Record writing                                                    10    Marks


TOTAL                                                             25    Marks


Project work:

The students of all dioloma courses (except diploma in Modern Office Practice) have to do a project work as a part of the curriculum and in partial fulfillment for the award of Diploma  by the state board of Technical Education and training, Tamilnadu.